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Does Google love backlinks? If yes how to get backlinks ?

A term backlink is most popular among those who are looking for an organic search result. This probably is the large extent in the field of SEO. Although many starter bloggers may have no idea about backlinks and how to get backlinks?

Backlink is the link back to your website from any other websites.

Does Google love backlinks ?

When we talk about the Google, we need to play safe, play by the rules. Google has almost more than 200 algorithms to determine the search engine rank position. Backlink can be one of them. You should always keep in mind that the quality content is the major factor for google ranking. Though people say there are 200 plus algorithms, it is not sure what are those. So quality content is always a best option. When you have the quality contents on your site, you can drive traffic from other websites using the backlinks. You can not say Google only love the backlinks. But the quality backlinks that are coming from the good authority websites are always good for you.

You can also check this post from Neil Patel, if you want to know what kind of backlinks are good for your business.

What type of backlinks does your business really need right now

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How to get backlinks ?

Getting backlinks from the authority websites is not an easy task. And you should also keep in mind that it is not the number of backlinks that matters. Instead, the quality of backlinks are more effective than the quantity. Backlinks are the key part for the off site SEO strategy. But Spam backlinks may hit the wrong way in an organic search results. Google launched specific signal of the algorithm called Penguin update in 2012. And the pure intention of this is to fight the spammy and unethical link buildings.

Try these 21 tricks.

  1. Write good quality content. If you write a good quality content chances are other websites will link back to your content.
  2. Write how to tutorials. How to tutorials tend to get backlinks more easily.
  3. Write a guest post on other blogs.
  4. Comment on good authority blogs. Make sure these blogs are relevant to your niche.
  5. Social bookmarking can also help. So put your blog links on social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
  6. Use discussion boards like Quora.
  7. You may exchange links with other bloggers in your niche.
  8. Submit your blog to top directories.
  9. Try to write a review article for top products and they may link back to your article while they market their product.
  10. Sometime writing a controversial post can make it viral. If any of your post gets viral, you get a lot of backlinks.
  11. Submit your website to the local directories. Google consider the local directories as the authority sites.
  12. Update your blog regularly. So the people wanting to link back to your website will have a good reason to do so.
  13. Try to blog on the most trending stories. Trending stories do get lot of backlinks.
  14. While writing a blog post, make sure you include the pictures.
  15. Join the blogging contest.
  16. Donate something to the charity sites, if you earn a decent amount online. Charity sites will always link back to you for your donation.
  17. Dot edu and Dot gov are taken as more authority than dot com. So try to submit your blog on dot gov and dot edu forums and blogs.
  18. Submit RSS feed to RSS directories.
  19. Join  the different forums and put your blog link as a profile signature.
  20. Share your post to the social networking sites.
  21. Include your blog link to your resume and submit it to the resume directories.

Always remember that, you do not need to practice unethical way to rank your site. Write quality content and update it regularly and Google will love that.

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