Best Android Apps That You Must Have (2020 Edition).

Android is getting more popular now a days. With the every update its getting better and better. So does the android apps. Every single day android apps are increasing. It is really hard to pick some of the best android apps. But best is always best and hardly any other can beat them with a flip.

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Here are some of my best android apps pick.

Before digging into the list, I must make sure the list is entire my opinion and you may disagree at some point. But I bet you will agree that the list are not only mere list. It has some impact to be the best one. And definitely has the large number of downloads on the Google Play Store.

Google Maps

Google map is the navigation app. And it is very essential. It guides you through all means of navigation. It has now many more built in artificial intelligence that you can even track the traffic in many countries.


YouTube is the video sharing apps that you can not avoid in any platform. This is the amazing and most have entertainment apps.


When you have the android phone in your hand, you can not deny that you will be happy with the default wallpapers, ringtones or themes. This Zedge app is very useful for finding the such things on your android phone.


Uber helps you to hire taxi or car for your travel needs. This helps you move from here to there in most of the countries.


If you are a avid reader and love to save the online material for the future use, this one is very useful app. You can also have it read your online material for you.


Lastpass is the password manager app that is very useful to remember your password on any devices.


Most useful and variety apps that holds more tasks in a single app. Search the apps, open web pages, take a screen shots and share instantly etc.

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The list is ever growing and growing. I will be adding more useful apps regularly. Keep coming. Also request you to comment down below the best apps that you know. I will be surely checking and adding them here later.

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