Why is ASTRA best free WooCommerce theme for 2022?

This is the in depth briefing about ASTRA one of the best free WooCommerce theme. This blog post will describe why should you use ASTRA and What makes this theme better. Keep on reading.

Searching the best free WooCommerce theme for 2022 might seem tough job. There may be a lot of debate and probably plenty of themes as well. Check ASTRA the powerful theme for WooCommerce. But before that do you really need a WooCommerce theme? If you are looking to create an online store, you do need a WooCommerce theme. However, a lot of people struggle to find the best free WooCommerce theme out of the crowd. So, I am making it easy by letting you know this WordPress free WooCommerce theme to right start your online store. With the ASTRA free theme you can right start your e-commerce business.

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What is WordPress and WooCommerce theme?

WordPress powers almost 35% websites around the world wide web. WordPress is a free open source software. WooCommerce is really a popular integration of an online store in a WordPress site. In a simple word WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which help to build an online store using WordPress. WooCommerce is useful to sell your product and services online. It really makes your selling experiences easy on WordPress. The popularity of WooCommerce is huge. More than 30 to 35% of all e-commerce sites use WooCommerce to power their online store.

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I am not writing about WooCommerce here. So, this little definition is enough here. Let’s move on to the point, best free WooCommerce theme.

WooCommerce theme is the any WordPress theme that is compatible with WooCommerce. While there are many themes that claim to be compatible with WooCommerce and they are. However, choosing them is not easy. You must be very careful. You should always seek the best of the best. And finding the best one is not that simple and easy. You can not trust anyone over the internet. Internet is full of scam most of the time. So, I am writing with the lot of proof and testimonial.

What do you need in a best free WooCommerce theme?

Do you know what makes a theme best theme? What really do you look while choosing a theme for your site? Probably, user interface (UI), fast loading, mobile friendly, and easy customization. If you do not consider all this, you are making a wrong choice or a big mistake.

Even for the simple site you must consider above things.
So, you need clean design, clean UX/UI and mobile friendliness in a good WooCommerce theme. Mobile friendliness is very much essential as must of the people use mobile devices while making purchases.

While searching for the best free WooCommerce theme, you probably find all these features almost in all themes. That will surely bring you in the confusion. That is why I am here to clear all the confusion with the proof.

ASTRA-Best free WooCommerce theme.

As I have promised above, I am making your search for WooCommerce theme easy. I also recommend what I already used. I started exploring this theme more over when I needed to create a site for Nepali folk singer Muna Thapa Magar.

Check MunaMagar.com
This is the site for Nepali folk singer, created using Astra WordPress theme. I started recommending Astra after creating this site using Astra for the first time. Initially, We created this site keeping eCommerce in mind. Later part of the site is to sell music online. Currently the singer is in the USA. So, the further progression of the site may continue after a while.

Further more, there is hardly good WooCommerse theme for the beginner WordPress user. So, I recommended Astra as one of the best free WordPress themes in my earliest post.

Check this earliest post from my blog
Best Free WordPress Themes to start blogging

I am recommending you with all my experiences. If you start your online store with this beautiful blazing fast WooCommerce theme, you will never regret. Though I have listed some of the points below to describe why is Astra Best free WooCommerce Theme?

Why is Astra a perfect free WooCommerce theme?

I know it is not easy to choose any WooCommerce theme out of hundreds and millions of themes available. I am simply recommending Astra for the following reason.

  • Astra is very light weight theme. Theme requires less than 50 kb resources to amazingly load fast.
  • Astra is fully responsive and fits perfectly on all devices including small mobile device to large desktop.
  • Solid and secure WooCommerce integration. Online shop needs to have the top security and Astra is highly secure theme with the perfect code.
  • Mobile sales optimized. Since almost 30% online purchase are made using mobile devices and the number is expected to reach 50% by the end of 2021, Astra WooCommerce theme is well optimized for mobile sales.
  • Customize without writing a single line of code. You may want to design a unique style for your online store. So, you can do with the Astra WooCommerce theme. You can customize even a small element to make your online shop look different than others with Astra.
  • SEO optimized. Astra is fully optimized for SEO. Many sales are coming from search engines and your online shop needs to be SEO friendly and optimized to give you more sales. Astra has it all.
  • Customized and conversion optimized check out page. Many online shopping ends up at checkout page due to unclear and less managed checkout page. With Astra you can design a conversion optimized checkout page easily.

Beside all above, there are plenty of other features that makes Astra awesome WooCommerce theme. Do not take my words only. Take the words from some of the industry leaders. Check testimonials and user reviews on why is Astra best free WooCommerce theme?

Hang on, do you still need more proof?
Check out the almost 35K 5-star reviews on WordPress.org.

Just two reasons that makes ASTRA the best.

  1. Great support: Support is very much necessary, when you are starting up. Astra has a range of dedicated and in-depth knowledge base support system. Each and every aspect and features are explained thoroughly. You can also get the 24X7 email support. There is also a dedicated Facebook group with 10K + members in it.
  2. The second reason to start with Astra is its mobile sales optimized: Now a days it is m Commerce (mobile commerce) than the eCommerce. People often use mobile device to purchase something online. Astra is probably the only, if not it’s a first WooCommerce theme that is optimized for mobile sales. Mobile sales optimization will give you more online sales for sure.

What can you do with Astra free theme?

Astra integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce. You can experience the quick setup as all the WooCommerce elements adapt automatically. These elements take styles from the Astra theme customizer. So, the colors, fonts and other designs are automatically match the theme design. This way, you can have your online store running almost at no time with the minimal initial setup.

Free WooCommerce theme store screenshot
This screenshot is taken from the site created on localhost with Astra-Free WooCommerce theme for the testing its features.

Above screenshot are from the sites on localhost with Astra – free WooCommerce theme. It took only 5 minutes to create an e commerce site after setting couple of things. Though this is the starter template, you can customize it in your own way.

You can change the colors, headers, typography etc to give the unique looks for your online store. Below screenshots may provide a bit of brief sample.

Free WooCommerce theme change color image
This is the screenshot where you can change the color scheme of free WooCommerce theme Astra
Free woocommerce theme change header image
This is the screenshot where you can change the header style of free WooCommerce theme Astra

And the beautiful part of this free WooCommerce theme is that, you can even change the settings for WooCommerce in the customizer.

7 primary things you can do with it.

  1. Number of columns to display products: By default it displays 3 products in a product page. You can change it to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 according to your wish.
  2. Number of products per page: You can set the number of products displayed per page
  3. Product display structure: You can set how you display products on page. Product name, product category, price, short description about product etc.
  4. Store notice: You can display special notice when needed right at the top of the header when needed.
  5. Product image: You can set the width of product image and thumbnail
  6. Sidebar: You can set the sidebar for the each WooCommerce page.
  7. Checkout page: You can customize many aspects of the checkout page such as fields required by the buyer to fill up.

With all above features, you can create unique online store for yourself and your clients. All this within a minutes. Just import a starter theme and customize it according to your need. And all these are for free. Yeah, you can create simple beautiful online store to sell your stuff for free. So, what are you waiting for ?? It is probably the right time to start with Astra.

Video and knowledge docs.

Once you have decided to give it a go for Astra, I highly recommend you to go through the knowledge base. With the knowledge base documents you may explore Astra in more convenient way.

Check this knowledge base docs to get help

You can also simply check this video by WPCrafter describing how you can create an online store using Astra free WooCommerce theme.

You went to the knowledge docs all the way through, watched the above video as well. Stuck anywhere in between contact me through my contact page. I am Happy to Help Blogger, would be happy to assist you as much as I can.

You can also join the Astra Community on Facebook

And this is not enough. Astra Theme does not have very limited features only. Team at Brainstrom Force– The creator of Astra understands that with the time you grow, you may also need additional features. So, there is Astra Pro as well.

Difference between Astra free and Astra Pro.

You can create fully functional online store with free WooCommerce theme Astra. But as I said, you may need some additional features as you grow your online store.

The major difference between free WooCommerce theme Astra and Astra Pro is the additional features that you get with Astra Pro. Additional features like some additional color options, better typography, checkout page fully customizable etc. And with the Astra Pro you get the dedicated one to one awesome support from the creators.

Astra also comes with the Agency and Mini Agency bundle for your agency business. Nevertheless you do not need to worry about your money wasted, Astra Pro comes with the 100% 14 days money back guaranty

Check Astra pricing

I am not insisting you to get the Astra Pro or Agency bundle though. I am confident to say that you can start all the way with the Astra free and later on upgrade to the Pro or Agency bundle. WooCommerce is free and you can easily start with free WooCommerce theme Astra to create an online store.

I may come up with the full Astra Pro features and step by step guide to configure it in the later post of my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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