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Affiliate marketing for beginners. 10 super tips to start earnings.


Affiliate marketing is popular among online marketers. And if you are a beginner, you can start exploring affiliate marketing for beginners. Affiliate marketing for absolute beginners may not seem quick cash scheme but definitely a long term income source once you start. So this online money making job is popular among the bloggers and online marketers.

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What is affiliate marketing ?

In definition, Affiliate marketing is the referral marketing or referral program where online seller pays you a certain commission when someone purchases their products from your affiliate link or referral link.

This is not the impression base advertising. Impression base advertisers pay when you show their advertisement. But affiliate marketing needs a bit more efforts. You need to make a sale for the payment in affiliate marketing. This guide affiliate marketing for beginners may come handy in this case.

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How affiliate marketing for beginners work ?

It is very much true if someone says that affiliate marketing is specially a pro work. One needs to be really professional blogger to actually start earning from it. But it is also true that you can not become professional until you start from scratch.

So if you are a beginners and wondering how to start affiliate marketing, you are in the right place. I will talk about starting affiliate marketing in later part of this chapter. But this point is about how affiliate marketing works for the beginners.

When you start affiliate marketing as a beginners, it seems a bit harder and a bit difficult. To be a successful affiliate marketer you need to generate the sales. It is tough to generate quick sales when you are just starting. My suggestion would be keep going. Affiliate marketing for beginners will work slowly but steady.

How do you start affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is promoting someone’s product or service through your channel and get paid the commission when you actually make the sales. So a couple of things are primary to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Once you have these primary things, you can straightly start an affiliate marketing.

Primary things to start affiliate marketing for beginners?

  1. You need an affiliate product or service to promote.
  2. You need a blog or you can start with social media channel.

How do you quick start affiliate marketing in simple 2 steps?

  1. When you are starting a new affiliate marketing, you need to choose a niche. Niche is a special topics or area you are going to focus on. For example “health and fitness” If you choose “health and fitness” as your niche, you need to find the products related to health and fitness. While choosing the niche choose wisely and be sure there are good products to promote as an affiliates. Be very much sure that you promote the good products else you will end up making just few bucks. With the good products you will continuously make money in the affiliate marketing.
  2. In the second steps, find the medium to promote your affiliate products. The medium is very much a blog. Though you can start with social media channel, this is something not recommended to the affiliate marketing for beginners. Using the social media to promote your affiliate products is something not viable unless and until you establish yourself as a brand. And promoting affiliate products might be against their terms of services in some social media. So starting a blog is the great idea.
    Starting a blog is pretty much simple. Any one with the little skill can start it in no time.
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Although, all these seems a bit easy. But affiliate marketing for beginners is not an easy task. Go in depth before you jump in. Once you jump in always be patient and do not quit early.

10 super tips to start earning in affiliate marketing for beginners?

  1. Choose strong niche:
  2. Choose the products or services you are familiar with.
  3. Research about your products or services. Check if others are promoting it.
  4. Join the good affiliate networks.
  5. Create a WordPress blog.
  6. Use clean and SEO optimized WordPress theme.
  7. Apply good SEO technique to drive organic traffic
  8. Offer good and descriptive content.
  9. Always keep your targeted audience in mind.
  10. Try to build an audience.

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